The Chronicles of Avorai

A Summary of Events

The following summary of events have been compiled from the journals and writings of Gippetto Pinhearl Barrow Rocktoe III in order to replace the lost adventure logs of that most famous of groups. You know the one we mean.

The group continued tracking the foes in an effort to save the prince. Before long the three would be heroes were fighting their way through more men garbed in black. They found the prince but not in time to spare him torture. Upon searching the bodies of the slain it was discovered that these men were members of The Shattered Hand, a group dedicated to the downfall of Mithrilan.

En-route to return the prince, the group is sidetracked by the sound of a woman screaming. They come upon a half-orc unsuccessfully trying to calm the woman down.(This is, of course, the now famous Bonesnappa Halforcen) The group discovered, to their relief that Bonesnappa was a trained monk from the monastery in the nearby mountains and that he had a dragon mark as well. Before the prince escorted the frightened woman back to the capital, she relayed a story of goblins preforming strange ritual sacrifices.

After dealing with the goblin cave, and witnessing more signs of the returning magic within, they returned to the capital and were rewarded by the king. The prince left for his front line military service, Damon and Jonathan returned to their duties for the king, while Gippetto and Bonesnappa decided to travel around Mithrilan together for a time.

Six months passed and, without warning, each of the four heroes were arrested and locked in the dungeon. After a short time a hooded figure came to them and revealed himself to be Prince Essendor. A plot had been uncovered. Members of The Shattered Hand had chartered a boat to take them to the nearby Pillar of Twilight. The arrests were just a ruse to keep the discovery under-wraps. The group made haste to the dormant volcano, in the caldera of which stood the Pillar. While making their way up one side of the volcano, The prince led a group of his own up the other. Undead warriors began to rise in an effort to block their passing. The heroic group would not be stopped so easily.

At the top of the volcano they came face to face with the Pillar it’s self. Swirling black, purples, blues, and dark reds. Something about it beckoned to them and against all common knowledge, they were able to pass through the seemingly solid barrier. Inside the found an ancient temple in a style they had never seen before. Inside they found the lone surviving member of The Shattered Hand’s expedition about to remove an oddly floating stone from its pedestal. But before they could interfere a silver streak shot down from the sky pinning the man to the floor. The figure perched atop this man was in fact Essendor but he had faintly glowing, silver incorporeal wings stretching from his back. He drew some sort of red energy from the pinned man and when done the man fell limp in death. The stone was recovered and it was revealed that the prince had also been granted one of the dragon marks, silver spread across his back.



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