The Chronicles of Avorai

The Gift and the Theft

Finally, after much planning the adventure begins!

After waking in a misty forest and finding a strange shine with a featureless “statue” at its center. Each person was offered a gift, in their own separate dream, after being told by the “statue” that they had been chosen as an agent of the change that would soon visit their world. The gift took the form of a small dragon of various colors, that melded with them and now resides as a tattoo on some part of their body. When they awoke the tattoo was still there.

On the final day of the festival celebrating Prince Essendor’s coming of age, Gippetto Pinhearl Barrow Rocktoe III was performing for King Hestin, Essendor, and the crowd of festival goers. Meanwhile, men dressed in black with red trim attacked the king with plans on assassinating him in his meeting room. Damon and Jonathan fought their way through the royal palace, while Gippetto mounted a daring roof assault.

The king was rescued but Essendor was taken by another team of the men in black. So the group set off into the sewers in pursuit. They emerged from the sewers and followed up the far side of the river just in time to see the villains escaping by carriage. Quick to follow, the group was set upon by more of the villains in black.

They continued following the road to the village of Rivermead. It was confirmed that the carriage had passed through and thanks to Gippetto’s fame, horses have been promised in an effort to save the prince… as soon as they can be gathered from whoever can spare them.



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