Damon Morcaine

Damon is a tall human male with deep blue eyes, shoulder length black hair, and a well muscled athletic-like build from training his various sword maneuvers. Damon can usually be found wearing well oiled black boots, black trousers, and a dark blue tunic.


Level 12 Warblade

Starting Ability Scores

Str 13 Dex 17 Con 14 Int 14 Wis 12 Cha 13

Final Ability Scores

Str 17 Dex 18 Con 14 Int 14 Wis 12 Cha 13

AC 24 HP 121 BAB 12/7/2

Fort 8 Reflex 10 Will 5

Trained Skills

Knowledge History 7, Knowledge Local 7, Tumble 21, Martial Lore 12

Untrained Skills

Balance 9, Climb 10, Concentration 17, Diplomacy 16, Intimidate 13, Jump 33, Swim 6


Exotic WP (Bastard Sword), Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword), Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Oversized Two Weapon Fighting, Greater Two Weapon Fighting

Class Abilities

Battle Clarity (Reflex Save), Weapon Aptitude, Simple & Martial WP, Light & Medium AP, Uncanny Dodge, Battle Ardor, Unnerving Calm, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Battle Cunning (Damage), Battle Skill (Opposed Checks)


4969 Gold, Bastard Sword +1, Mithril Breastplate, Composite Bow +2, Supernal Clarity, Brother’s Journal, Potion of Cure Serious Wounds x3, Cloak of Displacement, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Boots of Striding and Springing, Ring of Improved Jump, Ring of Protection +1


Moment of Perfect Mind, Action Before Thought, Insightful Strike, Dancing Mongoose, Emerald Razor, Rabid Bear Strike, Claw at the Moon, Ruby Nightmare Blade, Rabid Wolf Strike


Punishing Stance, Stance of Clarity, Hearing the Air


Damon Morcaine was born in The Mithrilan Kingdom and grew up in Silver Falls, the capital of Mithrilan. Damon was born to Roric Morcaine and Larissa Morcaine. He is the second son of one of Silver Falls’ most renowned families as Roric has made a name for himself as a great general and a fearless leader. It was almost thought that Damon would live a blessed and pampered life.

That idea was dashed when his mother Larissa and his older brother Marcus died when a plague swept threw the military district of Silver Falls. Damon was barely 2 months old when it happened and thus remembers next to nothing about his mother or his brother except from stories his father told him and vague images in his mind. Damon seemed cursed when he lost his father at the age of 13.

Roric died during a battle against an invading force. Those on the field said he died defending a key position and held off the invading forces just long enough for reinforcements to arrive before he gave in to his wounds. Damon was then sent to live with his uncle Karius Morcaine who lived near the outskirts of The Mithrilan Kingdom. It didn’t take Damon long to realize why he didn’t know much about his uncle. Karius Morcaine was nothing more than a thief and a murderer. He was working on bringing in a new and vile thieves guild into Mithrilan and even took Damon along on several “business” related deals in hopes of breaking the boy of his morals. Karius Morcaine might have succeeded if he hadn’t dragged Damon along on a particular dirty “business” deal that involved shaking down a widow who ran a nearby apothecary. Damon couldn’t handle her screaming as Karius Morcaine began to pummel the life out of her when she couldn’t pay. The young Damon lunged for his uncle’s short sword and yanked it from its sheath. As his uncle spun around to face Damon, he felt his life begin to drain from his vile body and Damon gripping the hilt of a short sword plunged through his chest. Karius died on the apothecary floor by the hands of his young nephew, but not before revealing to Damon that his father was a traitor to his King and to Mithrilan. Damon wouldn’t believe a word of it since his uncle made a living on lies and pain and did his best to banish the thoughts from his mind. After dealing with the authorities and his uncle’s funeral, Damon was adopted by Luthar Grimsun who turned out to be one of his father’s closest friends and most trusted adviser.

Damon was finally back in Silver Falls, and though he was away for nearly a year, those around Silver Falls didn’t forget his face or his name. Luthar pushed Damon to join the Mithrilan Army like his father. Damon didn’t need much convincing since he respected and loved his father and believed this would be something his father would have wanted. He was only in the Mithrilan Army for three and a half years before his company was assigned to investigate an outlying village that reported an orc band roaming the hills nearby. During the investigation they were ambushed by several orcs being lead by an ogre. The ambush was bloody and would have ended with the entire groups demise, but Damon was able to score a lucky strike against the ogre, who didn’t consider him a threat, a fell to his knees with a gurgled whimper as blood cascaded down his chest from the large slash through his throat.

Damon was celebrated as a hero, given the chance to join and be trained by the King’s elite guard, The Order of the Nine Shattered Suns whose leaders had been watching his growing skills and reputation with much interest. Four more years have passed with Damon’s skills growing under the tutelage of the greatest teacher the Order had to offer, Captain Krogan Shepard. The time has almost come for Damon to prove himself once again and the words of his uncle have slowly seeped back into his mind. Could he have been telling the truth and if he was, how far will Damon go to cover it up to keep his family name untainted?

Damon Morcaine

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