Jonathan Fang

25 year old Half-elf male.


Jonathan was born in Mithrilan to Xander and Miranda fang, an Elf and a human respectively. He grew up in Silver Falls but lost his parents in the plague that swept through the military district at age five. He was staying with his aunt at the time while renovations were being done on his family’s home there. After their deaths his aunt took him in permanently.

Within a few years he had fallen in with a street gang made up of mostly kids his age led by a few older ones. From them he learned the crafts associated with thievery. Jonathan didn’t need to steal for money, he just did it for the thrill of the job. As time passed though, he became disillusioned with the groups activities and began to separate from them as they became more violent and cold hearted. This proved a good choice as most of the group was sent to the gallows shortly after due to a botched job that ended in the murder of an innocent man.

After a few years he had made a name for himself in the back alleys and seedier establishments, due to the high risk targets he went after successfully time and again. All was well until he caught wind of target he found irresistible, little did he know it was a trap.

The The Order of Shadows, a secret branch of the Mithrilan military, had taken notice of his activities and potential. When Jonathan reached the supposed location of the mysterious treasure he had heard about all he found was a black envelope with a note inside that said only this: “Consider this an invitation to ”/wikis/The%20Order%20of%20Shadows/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>The Order of Shadows." Before he had a chance to sort out its meaning he was knocked unconscious and the would went dark.

He awoke shackeled to a chair facing a man dressed in black. This man offered Jonathan an ultimatum, serve the kingdom as a member of The Order where he would belong to a family that was regularly sent on dangerous missions of espionage. Or rot in a dungeon for the rest of his life. Naturally Jonathan took the first option, not only because the second one sounded unpleasant but also because the first sounded like a good deal of fun. Jonathan came to know this Man in Black as Master and was trained and schooled by him for five years. Now has come the time for Jonathan’s first assignment.

Jonathan Fang

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