Glor’val is the center of the dwarven tunnel kingdom that runs throughout Dragon Spine Mountains. To the dwarves, the kingdom and city are one continuous thing. Glor’val gets its name from an ancient dwarven story which is passed down from generation to generation. It has been copied from the writings of Gippetto Pinhearl Barrow Rocktoe III and been included below.

In the early days there was a magnificent silver dragon named Glor’val. She was not the only dragon in the skies, but she was the only one that took notice of the primitive dwarves hiding away in their tunnels, afraid of falling into the endless sky. She took pity on these poor souls and came to live among them in a much smaller form. During this time she uplifted them, taught them of the world outside, and most importantly taught them the art of working metal.

They were grateful to Glor’val and praised her as a god. This made her brother, who’s name is never uttered, jealous and spiteful. While Glor’val slumbered He came to the dwarves in their dreams and planted thoughts of greed in their minds. Then he conviced them that Glor’val was hiding something wonderful from them and only helped the dwarves so she could use them later. With His work done, He shrunk back into the shadows of the world to watch and wait.

The dissenting dwarves descended on Glor’val. Slashing, bashing and hacking, they played out her brothers rage. She saw the poisonous seed her brother had planted in their minds and would not strike back against his pawns. Instead she took flight, assuming her true size, to find her brother and deliver justice. But as she searched the extent of her wounds became apparent and she grew weak. Realizing she was dying she quited her rage and returned to her dwarves. Upon seeing what they had done to her, His hold over their minds was shattered. She laid herself upon the ground, her silver blood seeping into the soil and gathered the dwarves to her. She forgave them for what they had done and asked only that they use the gifts she had granted them to better the world. Before passing she gifted them one last thing, a new home. With that, her eyes closed and she passed from this world. As the last of her silver blood drained from her body, she turned to stone and became the Dragon Spine Mountains.


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