Mithrilan is a prosperous and almost fully self-sufficient kingdom located on the eastern peninsula of (whatever the hell I feel like calling this continent). While its main export to nearby lands is silver, the kingdom is best known for its highly sought after, but rare, mithril goods. This is obviously where the kingdom’s name originated.

Mithrilan is something of a melting pot of races, with the civilized races all being treated equally. Most races have become localized throughout the kingdom but they all come together in the capital, Silver Falls. While racial traditions have led to regional grouping, no segregation is enforced in any part of the kingdom. Despite the overall peace there are still those that want more than they are willing to earn as well as those that look on the kingdom with envious eyes.

The Kingdom was officially founded 300 years ago after the people of the land banded together under a human leader to fight back the orcish invasion, known as the The Unification War


Mithrilan is bordered on the east by the Dragon Spine Mountains. The rest of the Peninsula is surrounded by the Veridian Ocean. Off the coast to the north west is a towering, barren volcanic isle that has not been explored other than by observations from sea. The barren landscape mixed with the dangerous reef surrounding it has discouraged any serious exploration. The volcano is dormant and has shown no activity for as long as anyone can remember.

Cities, towns, outposts ect.


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